Self-Replicating Machines

Will Stevens

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My Research

I am interested in simulating physically realistic self-replicating machines. I have devised three simulation frameworks which offer a greater degree of physical realism than cellular-automata-based frameworks. In two of these frameworks I have devised SRMs and in the third I have devised a programmable constructor.

CBlocks is a simulation framework based around sliding tiles moving in a discrete grid that can be put together to build machines. These tiles perform logical and mechanical functions. Machines can be constructed from collections of tiles connected up in an appropriate way

A machine in CBlocks

Nodes is similar to CBlocks, except that it is based around circular discs that move in continuous space and obey Newton's laws of motion.

Part of a machine in Nodes

CBlocks3D is a three-dimensional version of CBlocks with a reduced part set.

A machine in CBlocks3D

See the papers page of this website for more information about CBlocks, Nodes and CBlocks3D.

Go to the downloads page of this website to obtain software for simulating the CBlocks, Nodes and CBlocks3D frameworks, along with examples (including SRMs).

The multimedia page of this website contains pictures and animations related to the above work.

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